Our mission

To support the physical and postural health of New Zealand school children

The physical health of our youth is worsening

Never before have we had a generation start using devices from such a young age

We provide

Assessment and intervention programs to support your child’s physical and postural health

What we do

By working alongside schools we deliver an assessment followed by specific programs for students. We We can identify issues at an individual student level and at a school-wide level

Why we do it

We are passionate about the physical health of our future generations. As digital devices become more prevalent we see a need for a proactive solution

how we do it

Utilising evidence-based practice and the latest in posture analysis software to perform a thorough but efficient and engaging physical assessment for your child 

The problem as it stands

We must be proactive and here’s why

$ 0 B

is spent annually on repetitive injuries in the workplace, resulting in a huge burden on the current healthcare system. This is forecasted to worsen as…

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of pain in children is linked to a repetitive strain-like injury to the spine, shoulders and neck areas resulting from an overuse of devices

Fracture risk

is linked to a lack of weight-bearing physical activity. Which has been increasing due to the use of devices


of children in a NZ study revealed that they have no time limit when using their devices


of children will develop low back pain and only 25% of these children will seek help


of children develop ongoing debilitating pain 

Our assessment

Our program has been tried and tested in New Zealand schools

We are deeply concerned with the growing issue of worsening physical health due to the increase in digital device use and the resulting sedentariness that accompanies this. We are concerned because the issue is progressively worsening and it is effecting younger children. In addition, the longer that issues occur for, the more resources are required to help

At Primary Alignment we believe the best way to counter this problem is by delivering a high-quality assessment program which is used to identify where to focus our attention and resources 


"Primary Alignment carried out posture screening of all year 8 & 9 children in the college (300 students). Without reservation we would recommend Primary Alignment to any school interested in information about student posture, and an advanced and fun screening process"
Evert van Florenstein
(Head of Secondary School, St Andrew’s College)


0 %
engagement from students within our program
0 %
of students identified to have experiencing pain while sitting for sustained periods of time in the last month
0 %
of students identified to have had experienced pain or discomfort in the last month while using a digital device
0 %
of the students who perform our program received actionable & achievable steps to improving their physical health

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