We are concerned

The scale of this issue is unknown

Never Before Have We Had A Generation Using Devices From Such A Young Age​

About us

Primary Alignment was founded when two health professionals began seeing a trend in children presenting with pain in their clinical practice

Our story

In our clinical practice we were increasingly facing young children and adolescents suffering from pain and discomfort that we would ordinarily only see in older age groups. Much of this was due to the posture these children were adopting when having screen time. Alarmingly, we found it harder to help these children the longer the issue had been occurring. Frustrated by this we wanted to create something that addressed the issue at it’s root cause.

Primary Alignment was created to be this solution. To provide early detection of posture-related pain and discomfort and provide suitable interventions to help these children. To highlight the growing issue of poor posture due to an increase in the use of digital devices worldwide.

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Our mission

Our mission is to provide all New Zealand school children with more accessible physical health checks

To reduce the number of children suffering from physical pain and discomfort

To reduce the number of children that may experience learning difficulties due to pain or discomfort

To provide parents and staff with the skills and information they need to assist in their child(ren)’s physical health

Our Team

We are a collection of health professionals passionate about the future health of our children


 We pride ourselves in providing the best communication to children of all ages 


In business and in the delivery of our service, empathy is one of the fundamental values we abide by


Providing an intervention to school children requires their energy to be matched by our own. We strive to deliver this in all our assessments and interventions

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