Our program has been tried and tested in New Zealand schools

Assessment program

Our approach is unique, focusing on the abilities of each student

Solutions Program

Designed to provide movement in an educational, fun and engaging manner, our programs integrate the best teachings from three core areas of practice and tailor these for children. See below for details


 Specially designed for children, Pilates can help build fundamental strength and endurance which can directly improve any current posture-related pain and discomfort or help prevent it from occurring.

Children often grow rapidly, and it’s essential that their developing bodies get the right kind of exercise. Exercise for older children and early teens should focus on flexibility and balanced strength.


Yoga focuses on alignment, stability and fine motor control. All important factors in creating supple but strong bodies.

Another important aspect to yoga is the mindfulness training as part of the teaching. This is especially important for our youth to develop tools that can help them successfully navigate our modern environment

Functional movement conditioning

Designed to build strength and power which helps build resilient bodies to better equip our children with the ability to deal with our increasingly sedentary lifestyles.

Additional services

School assessment 

Our school assessment is designed to look for various factors that impact student physical and postural health. Physical health programs within the school, sport participation, classroom ergonomics are all an important part of our assessment criteria. This assessment is extremely important as it can benefit the school and the students as a whole.

Speaking engagements 

We offer up our experience and knowledge to your school or local community event to discuss the growing issue of posture and physical health of our future generation. We call upon our experience as health practitioners and on the research that has lead us to provide our program 

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